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Khaleej Links General Trading, established in 2011, is a family-owned business rooted in the United Arab Emirates. Nestled in the bustling cities of Umm Al Quwain and Dubai, the company has become an integral part of the vibrant disposable food packaging business landscape in the Middle East and around the world.


At Khaleej Pack, we celebrate the unsung heroes that elevate life’s everyday moments: our quality disposable products.
Over 23 years, our tableware, containers, and cutlery have woven themselves into family dinners, parties with friends, and special events as silent facilitators of joy. Whether it’s the simplicity of a small gathering or the extravagance of a wedding, our products integrate seamlessly into occasions where connections matter most, ensuring you can relax and revel in each memory being made. We take pride in enhancing experiences so that laughter flows more freely, conversations deepen more candidly, and you can sink into the spirit of celebration without distraction. Our product range of over 1200 items and production facilities of 100,000 sqft. signifies our commitment to convenience without compromise – carefully crafted disposables to serve each dish while preserving freshness, then disappearing effortlessly after use. At Khaleej Pack, we provide the tools to transform meals into memories so that our customers can enjoy every moment.


What started as a small wholesale shop in Deira in 2011, has grown into a full-scale manufacturing company with international presence and sales offices in Middle East, Asia, Africa and India. Despite Khaleej Pack’s growth, the original guiding vision of the founders remains unchanged: to offer the best possible value on disposable food packaging products and increase food safety, so you can offer your guests a superior experience while enhancing profitability. Khaleej Pack is especially stringent when it comes to product consistency. Khaleej products are all manufactured using highest quality standards as a benchmark to success.


At Khaleej Pack, we believe we have a responsibility to help protect our world. The decisions we make, the strategic planning of our business, and the path we choose for community contributions all originate from our comprehension of how we can make a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

Our “why” lays in providing high quality, food safe products for the foodservice industry. Since Day One, our goal has been to design high-quality disposable food packaging solutions that not only maintain the integrity of your culinary creations but also enhance the overall dining experience for our customers.

Whether you operate a massive hospitality chain in Dubai or a humble coffee shop in Sharjah, Khaleej Pack products are made with your needs in mind. Every product is designed to provide efficiency, value, and food safety.

Whenever it comes to foodservice, the final product is only as good as the ingredients and processes that go into its production. Khaleej Pack only sources the highest quality materials for all its products and goes above and beyond to achieve special certifications to further proof the quality of its products.

Khaleej Pack has an ISO certification from the International Organization for Standardization that signifies the company’s enviable level of quality management and aim to achieve customer satisfaction.


As a family-owned business, Khaleej Pack prioritizes its employees and emphasizes their growth and development. Our firm belief is that a thriving team is the catalyst for innovation and success. Through meticulously crafted policies, we promote an atmosphere that not only recognizes individual potential but also actively nurtures it.

We understand that the strength of our organization lies in the collective capabilities of our team members.

As they grow, so does Khaleej Pack, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry with cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled service.


We boast a strong business background with over 20 years of experience in textile manufacturing in Pakistan. JMS Textile remains one of the premium textile manufacturers within the region.

Despite our enormous success, our constant desire for new challenges resulted in the establishment of Khaleej Pack.

Our ability to identify market opportunities and our commitment to providing solutions is central to our success in the supply of our Khaleej Pack food packaging within Dubai, the U.A.E. and other GCC countries and extending to other regions of the world.

Customer Services

Mission : Our mission is to consistently provide cutting-edge, eco-friendly disposable food packaging solutions that not only exceed industry standards but also enhance the overall dining experience. We are dedicated to fostering sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, thereby contributing to a healthier planet and setting new benchmarks in the food packaging industry.

Vision : To revolutionize daily dining experiences with eco-friendly disposable food packaging, ensuring every meal leaves a positive impact on the planet.

Customer Services

Our philosophy is simple: to ensure the complete satisfaction of our esteemed clients in the delivery of disposable food products.

Our goal is to maintain long-term close relationship with all our clients, whether big or small. We achieve this by ensuring that we remain trustworthy, respectful and genuinely interested in the success of our customers.

We take the time to understand our clients’ needs in order to offer superior solutions. Whether the focus is on eco-friendly or recyclable products, short-term disposable items, heavy duty disposables or any other requirement, we will work to deliver only the very best product available, and continue to maintain open communication with our customers to ensure we always understand their needs.


At the heart of our business philosophy is our willingness to listen, so in a truly tangible manner, we owe all our success to you, our customer. From wholesalers to small business owners, from restaurant chains to educational facilities, we understand the food service business and we design and create our products with the end user foremost in mind.
We consistently work on developing fresh concepts tailored to distinct industry sectors, dedicating resources to acquiring cutting-edge equipment and advanced machinery to introduce these products to the market.
Khaleej Pack is dedicated to focusing on the foodservice industry to inspire food safety and enable foodservice operators to be more efficient and profitable.
As your trusted partner for 23 years, we commit to serving you for generations to come!

Our continued success in both industries is based on two factors
  • Our focus on Customer Service
  • Our commitment to deliver our clients the most Innovative and High Quality products on the market today.
  • Quality of Used Materials
  • We make every effort to provide our customers with great products and services
  • We can manufacture custom units to suit most enquiries
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